Foot massage mat
 Foot massage mat
Foot massage mat
Foot massage mat
Foot massage mat
Foot massage mat

Foot massage mat

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The human foot has 26 bones; 19 muscles; 33 joints; more than 50 ligaments; more than 500,000 blood vessels; more than 40,000 sweat glands. In addition to supporting body weight and walking, the foot also helps the heart to work, playing an important role in the second “heart” of the human body.

1. Distribute the blood vessel of the mannequin, absorb heat, and send the nipple to the devices over the body

2. Dismantling harmful blood vessel materials such as calcium, lactic acid, uric acid quickly

3. Let your blood flow smoothly


- It is useful for the internal organs of the body to walk on a plastic stone in a healthy massage foot mat.

- Everyone can use it, especially at the middle and older age, and those people who sit at work and study for a long time.

Type: 1 X Foot Massage Mat
Power Source: No Electrical
Material: leather + plastic
Size: 35cm X 35cm
The color like on the picture
1: 35cm X 35cm
2: photo color
3: 1 X foot massage mat